'Point Break' Remake: Fans React Negatively To Gerard Butler's Involvement

The Point Break remake is reportedly moving forward with Gerard Butler in the lead role. However, this news wasn't exactly met with cheers from the film's legion of loyal fans.

Whenever Hollywood attempts to remake a flick that has a very strong following, people have a tendency to shout their opinions from the rooftops. The producers of the forthcoming RoboCop remake are very familiar with what happens when you mess with a fan favorite.

Since the original movie still holds up pretty well, a lot of people aren't too thrilled about the Point Break remake. Their problems with the project seemed to deepen when they learned that Olympus Has Fallen star Gerard Butler was tapped to star in the project.

The original film told the story of an FBI agent who goes undercover to bust a group of scruffy bank-robbing surfers. Keanu Reeves played our heroic federal agent while the late Patrick Swayze tackled the role of Bohi. As goofy as that premise may sound to some, Kathryn Bigelow's flick is actually quite good.

As soon as Gerard Butler became associated with the Point Break remake, the internet threw a bit of a temper tantrum. Since social media is the best place to cry about movies, music, and entertainment as a whole, people decided to express their thoughts and feelings about the project on Twitter.

Although there are certainly people out there who wouldn't mind seeing an updated version of the action flick, most fans seem a little upset about the proposed project. If you're curious to read a few frequently harsh opinions about Gerard Butler's involvement with the Point Break remake, then direct your attention below.

How do you feel about the upcoming Point Break remake? Do you think Gerard Butler is the right person to star in the project?