Lucy Hale Unveils 'You Sound Good To Me' Music Video [Watch]

Lucy Hale recently unleashed the official music video for her hit single "You Sound Good to Me." Check out the clip in all its country-fried glory below.

Since Hale's television series Pretty Little Liars returned to the airwaves on January 7, she decided to unveil the new song and the music video during the latest episode. Although the single is readily available for purchase, she hasn't released a full album just yet.

However, Lucy Hale hopes to change that in the coming months. The singer recently told the folks at Taste of Country that she is putting together a batch of songs, a collection that has apparently given the singer plenty of creative freedom.

"It's the first time people are being introduced to Lucy, because a lot of people know me from 'Pretty Little Liars' or other acting work that I've done, but a lot of people don't know me and the things that I've been through so far," Lucy Hale said of the album.

The singer and actress continued, "We just wanted it to be a snapshot of where I'm at in life right now, and I think that we captured that. That's the cool thing about music. You can literally write about anything. There is no right or wrong answer."

The Inquisitr previously reported that Hale also discussed the new song and her as-of-yet-untitled country album during a Q&A session on Twitter. According to the Pretty Little Liars star, some fans aren't too sure what to make of her venture into the world of country music.

"People are a little like confused by it, but it's been really awesome. I'm just trying to soak it all in. I'm on cloud nine today. Like, I can't believe it," Lucy Hale explained. The singer added that she enjoyed not having to hide behind a television persona for a change.

To help put her country album together, Hale enlisted the help of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kristian Bush, otherwise known as the second half of Sugarland. Bush reportedly helped pen a few tunes for inclusion on the upcoming endeavor.

"We've written a few songs together, and he's really taken on the role of mentor and great friend. He's given me some awesome advice, and I feel so lucky to have someone like him on my team. It's been a lovely experience," she explained to The Boot.

Are you looking forward to Lucy Hale's upcoming country album?