Jones Big Ass Truck Rental And Storage

Meet Toby R Jones, entrepreneur and owner of Jones Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage. Mr Jones claim to fame is that he will store anything – “got weed? I don’t care” for the ridiculously low price of $10.99 (US) per month.

Check out the funniest home made commercial of the year.

Mr Jones has his own website, which is also hilarious.

Apparently Mr Jones was a “street pharmaceutical sales rep in 2003” before he saw his “Distribution Manager get shot”. He ended up in the Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage Business, through the obvious route of being a roadie for a rap group. When he was on tour he learned about realestate auctions, and bought a “big ass” warehouse for $1.

According to his website, Mr Jones’ mom is making t-shirts.

Now my momma’s been bugging me that I should be selling some t-shirts to promote my business. So she’s in the living room now making them and I need to know how many t-shirts she needs to make. We’ll get the designs soon but go ahead and drop me an electric email message.

Real or viral campaign? It would be way cooler if it was real, but I’d store my weed stuff there, just because its big ass.