Gas Prices Not Expected to Affect Memorial Day Travel

According to a study conducted by AAA, Memorial Day travelers do not plan on altering their schedules even with the cost of gas averaging $4.17 a gallon in the state of Illinois. On the contrary, AAA states that travel is actually expected to increase in Illinois this Memorial Day weekend.

This expected increase in traffic isn’t just limited to Illinois. In South Carolina, where the price of gas is the cheapest in the nation ($3.59 a gallon), more travelers are expected to hit the road as well on this Memorial Day weekend.

The lower gas prices are boosting hotel bookings, car rentals, and over all vacation travel planning all across the board, said Dave Parsons, chief executive AAA Carolinas.

“The declining gas prices will not only encourage more South Carolinians to fill up before traveling out-of-state but also make the state more attractive to visitors,” Parsons said in a statement.

Other findings from the AAA survey can be seen below:

  • Overwhelming majority of Americans to travel by automobile, but down slightly from last year
  • Number of air travelers expected to increase by 11.5 percent
  • Airfares, hotel rates and car rental rates all rise
  • Average travel distance up 27 percent; median spending down 14 percent

Do the results of this survey line up with your own feelings on travel for this memorial day weekend?