Arnold Schwarzenegger Replaced By Bruce Willis In Simon Brand's 'Captive'

Arnold Schwarzenegger is no longer attached to star in director Simon Brand's Captive.

Although the upcoming thriller was originally designed as a vehicle for the Sabotage star, the actor has reportedly dropped out of the project. However, it didn't take very long for producers to find someone else to fill the guy's cinematic shoes. Reasons for Schwarzenegger's departure aren't immediately available.

According to reports, The Expendables 2 co-star Bruce Willis will step in front of the camera for Captive. Filming should begin this March.

Developed by Michael London and penned by Benjamin A. van der Veen and Kario Salem, Captive tells the story of a guy who finds himself under lock and key inside a very small prison cell. Meanwhile, a detective tries to figure out how to save our hero from certain doom. In short: It's Die Hard in a single room.

Check out this synopsis from We Got This Covered:

"American real estate magnate living in Brazil who is kidnapped and held for ransom. As he frantically searches for a way out of his armored-truck prison cell hidden in a Sao Paolo landfill, a detective specializing in kidnap and ransom cases works to find him."

Director Simon Grand previously tackled a similar concept with his 2006 thriller Unknown. The thriller, which starred Jim Caviezel and Greg Kinnear, told the story of several people who find themselves trapped inside a warehouse. In order to escape from this tense situation, they have to separate the good guys from the bad guys.

If the very thought of Arnold Schwarznegger getting replaced on any motion picture is enough to send you spiraling into a pit of cinematic depression, then you should find happiness in the projects the former California Governor has looming on the horizon.

Not only does Schwarzenegger have the DEA thriller Sabotage headed to theaters this year, he also appears in the next installment of The Expendables. The third entry in the series hits theaters this August. The action hero will also battle a legion of nasty zombies in the upcoming thriller Maggie, a flick that should arrive later this year.

Of course, there are also several projects in the works that reportedly feature Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor is presently rumored to return for another Terminator sequel, though details about his involvement with that flick are sketchy at best as of this writing.

If that's not enough to keep you happy, then keep your eyes peeled for The Legend of Conan and Triplets. While these projects aren't moving forward at full speed just yet, there's a strong possibility that both films could hit the big screen before long.

Are you a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger? What do you think about the Terminator alum getting replaced by Bruce Willis in director Simon Brand's thriller Captive?