Does Kanye West Want Kim Kardashian To Take His Last Name? [Rumor]

Kanye West reportedly wants Kim Kardashian to take his last name once they get hitched.

Before we dive into the latest rumor surrounding West and Kardashian, it's worth noting that this pile of celebrity gossip arrives courtesy of The National Enquirer. Anyone who's familiar with supermarket tabloids knows this magazine tends to fabricate its stories to sell copies. In short: Be very suspicious of the following tale.

The story begins at a family get-together held at Kris Jenner's Hollywood Hills abode not too long ago. Since Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were both in attendance at the party, it didn't take long for conversation to turn towards their upcoming wedding. That's when things reportedly got a little interesting.

According to an anonymous source, Kris Jenner thought Kim should hyphenate her last name after embarking on her latest adventure in the world of wedded bliss. Although most people seemed to agree that Kim Kardashian-West was a fantastic idea, Kanye West apparently felt a little differently about the matter.

"He sat quiet and stern-faced, then blurted forcefully, 'She will be known as Kim West! My wife will bear my name only!'" the insider explained, effectively portraying Kanye West as a kind of marital dictator.

The source continued, "Kanye let the subject drop, but by the end of the night, Kim was in tears because all the way home he kept ranting that he was furious about her even considering to keep the Kardashian name."

Kim Kardashian, obviously upset by the rapper's behavior, explained that her celebrity persona is completely centered around her last name. Kanye West reportedly suggested that his last name carries more respect than Kardashian's.

"Kim just couldn't stop crying because she suddenly realized she's in for ongoing pressure -- not only from Kanye, but from Kris, who'll be livid if she drops the Kardashian name!" the insider said during a recent chat with the tabloid.

While this whole scenario definitely seems a little far-fetched, Kris Jenner recently told Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that she was almost positive that Kanye West wanted her daughter to take his last name after they officially tied the knot.

"Who wouldn't want that? If you're getting married, it's kind of a very traditional thing," she explained during a recent chat with the ladies.

What do you think about rumors that Kanye West really wants Kim Kardashian to take his last name? Do you think the rapper would ultimately force his wife to change her name?