Utah Freight Train Crash: Several Cars Derailed

In a Utah Freight Train Crash on Wednesday, a Union Pacific train derailed after a collision at around 9:30 am. The UP train, which was carrying grain, rear-ended another train also carrying grain and corn, near the Weber Canyon.

Aaron Hunt, a spokesman for Union Pacific said: "A collision like this is rare for us."

Three trains and five rail cars came off their tracks due to the Utah freight train crash. One of the cars was ripped clean apart, and another slid many meters down a hill adjacent to the highway.

A few employees from Union Pacific suffered minor injuries in the crash, but the cause of the crash has still not been confirmed by investigators.

A large amount of corn and grain spilled from the freight cars and one of the trains also leaked whatever fuel it had left in its tank.

Union Pacific immediately sent hazardous materials crews to the scene who worked closely with local emergency services to ensure the fuel didn't reach the river nearby.

It was anticipated by everyone involved that the clean up operation would take the best part of the day. Highway Partrol Lieutenant Chris Simmons said:

"They're going to bring in heavy equipment, cranes. They're going to have to obviously bring down the containers down below, then they're going to have to impound or tow those away, and then the other ones. They're going to have to make sure they're OK to continue down the railroad tracks."

Specialist cranes are lifting the trains back onto the tracks, while the cars which were damaged are being taken on flatbed trucks to be repaired.

Hunt spoke about the importance of Utah to the company's business: "Utah's a really important part of our business. We've invested $290 million in the state between 2007 and 2012 to improve the railway's infrastructure and replace worn parts of tracks and keep the rail facilities up to date," he said.