Sofia Vergara Slaps Jimmy Kimmel After Pair Read Mean Internet Comments [Video]

Gregory Wakeman

Sofia Vergara slapped Jimmy Kimmel in the face after the pair traded Internet insults about each other.

Vergara, who appeared on the comedian's late night talk show on Wednesday night, graciously let Kimmel repeat some of the vile online comments about her to her face while he also allowed her to do the same to him.

Kimmel began his bit by telling his audience, "You know what the most dangerous neighbourhood in the country is right now? The comments section on any website."

He then invited the 41-year-old Modern Family star to the stage where they set about reading the brutally harsh thoughts that the world wide web has to say about them.

The first remark simply stated, "I hate Jimmy Kimmel. He has squinty eyes and a gape mouth that never really closes." However, Jimmy wasn't too taken aback by it, admitting, "Well, that one I actually agree with."

Sofia was then told that one particular user wished she "was a mute," as her "voiced rings in her ears," while another asserted that she has "an amazing body, but the face? Not so much."

Meanwhile, Kimmel learned that he is "an unfunny creep," plus he is also "the most smug and unlikeable host in late night," and that the user couldn't understand "why anyone can stand to watch him."

Things started to heat up even further when Kimmel noted that Vergara had "a man jaw" and also "has a more annoying voice than Fran Drescher." This caused Vergara to confirm that a death threat had been issued to Kimmel as she erupted, "[Jimmy Kimmel] isn't funny at all. Sometimes his existence makes me want to kill him literally."

Vergara finally tipped over the edge after Kimmel read a comment that queried, "Has anyone checked for a penis?" This caused the Colombian actress to slap him across the face and then storm offstage.

Kimmel then looked to remind her that these were just "from the internet," before she briefly returned to tell him "for sure bigger than yours!"

When she got to the side of the stage though, she looked back to the crowd and began to laugh profusely, proving that it was all just a joke and that she had simply been faking her disgust.

Kimmel does have previous experience in this area. In the past, he has asked dozens of his guests to read out the meanest tweets that they have received, and the subsequent videos went on to become viral hits.