Seth Peterson Leaves Pregnant Wife For 22-Year-Old

Gregory Wakeman

Burn Notice star Seth Peterson confirmed he is involved in a relationship with 22-year-old Miranda Doerfler, even though his wife is currently seven months pregnant with his child.

Peterson announced just a few days ago that he had split from his wife of 12 years, 39-year-old Kylee Cochran. And now his new beau, Miranda Doerfler, has taken to Facebook to announce that she is currently in romantic cahoots with the actor, proudly confirming that she has been officially dating Peterson since December 3, 2013.

TMZ reported that Peterson left Cochran, who is the mother of his two children, for the burgeoning writer.

Doerfler originally uploaded an image to Facebook in early December that confirmed she was in a relationship with Peterson. The caption to the picture noted, "Okay. Officially. Seth Peterson and I are a couple," and she then underlined her happiness by including a smiley face emoticon with the post.

Even some online pals were shocked by the announcement, with one user commenting, "I thought he was married... Or is 'was' the operative term here? ;D." Miranda was able to see the funny side to this query though as she soon responded by insisting, "Lol, year. Was."

Doerfler's parents can also be seen supporting their daughter's new boyfriend, with Helena Currier-Doerfler writing, "As long as you are happy, that's the most important thing to me and dad..."

It's believed that Kylee and Seth actually split up in September. Adding a little fuel to the fire, TMZ claims to have court documents in which the jilted wife alleges Seth Peterson is a former drug addict. Cochran also insists that he actually began his courtship with his 22-year-old girlfriend just a few weeks after the demise of their marriage.

Kylee has cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for their split, and she is seeking full custody of their two children; eight-year old daughter Fenix, their five-year-old son Lennon, and their unborn infant.

TMZ reported:

"She claims Seth is already okay with this, and agreed to give up all custodial rights. Kylee says she's open to giving Seth visitation, but only under supervised conditions, given his alleged past drug use. And she wants spousal support."

Seth and Kylee married in 2001, after originally meeting on the set of the television drama, Providence. They have since worked together on the 2011 film, Sedona, and the couple appeared on numerous other shows in guest star roles.