Inmate Suing NFL Over Missed Field Goal, Chargers Cheated

Jason Savage

NFL fans always think they could do better than the referees. But one Pennsylvania prison inmate is suing the NFL because he thinks the referees in the week 17 Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers game criminally messed up.

The inmate, Daniel L. Spuck of Mercer, PA, is suing the NFL over a missed field goal by Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop. On January 2, 2014, he filed a motion with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania calling for an "emergency injunction" to put a halt to the NFL playoffs until the matter can be clearly resolved.

The inmate's contention is the San Diego Chargers, who won the last AFC wild card spot as a result, were in an illegal formation as the ball was snapped for Ryan Succop to miss a 41-yard field with four seconds remaining. Had the penalty been called against the Chargers, Succop would have been allowed to re-kick the miss.

Of course, Spuck is not some relentless watchdog out to correct all the officiating mistakes of the NFL. He is a Steelers fan. Had the field goal been good, the Chiefs would have won by three points. Instead, the game went into overtime where the Chargers won on a field goal of their own. The Steelers would have made the playoffs as the last AFC wild card team but were the last team eliminated because of the Chargers win. Spuck just wants to give his Steelers a chance, who defeated the Browns in their week 17 game.

With the first round of playoff games already wrapped up, including the Chargers' win over the Cincinnati Bengals, it is doubtful that the inmate will get his injunction. Besides, he hasn't even payed his filing fee yet. You can read the entire motion here.

The inmate offered some possible solutions for the blown call.

1. Succop should be allowed to re-kick the ball from 37 yards instead of 41, and/or

2. The Steelers to play the Chargers on a neutral site to determine the sixth seed, or

3. Goodell to declare the Chiefs winners and make the Steelers the sixth seed instead of the Chargers, and/or

Of course...

4. Damages be awarded to Spuck in excess of $25,000 plus all legal costs

Although we're sure lots of people would like to sue the NFL for bad calls or missed calls, this inmates case against the NFL probably isn't going anywhere. But just in case, good luck!