Han Solo Movie Joins Boba Fett In 'Star Wars' Spinoff Films, Rumors Rampant

A Han Solo movie is reported to be in the works alongside the one featuring Boba Fett. This makes two Star Wars spinoff films we can add to Disney's official release calendar, and possibly a third one featuring Yoda.

Star Wars fans know Han Solo as the smuggler who ended up frozen in carbonite after doing his part to help the rebel alliance. What the movies haven't told us yet is that, according to the books, his young life was anything but glamorous. Han Solo grew up in the grimier parts of the world, learning to flaunt the law as a means to an end. It could be the grittiest movie in the Star Wars universe with the material we have to go on.

While the Boba Fett film will probably give us a lot more detail about the son of the man the Empire cloned their army after, the Han Solo movie will allegedly expand on the smuggler's childhood and tell us where he came from, and possibly how he met Chewbacca. The Boba Fett film is expected to expand on what happened between films in the original trilogy, so we might see some back alley deals, including the one that resulted in the capture of Han Solo.

It is still unknown who will be directing the Star Wars spinoff films since J.J. Abrams is reportedly only directing episodes seven through nine. We don't even know who will be playing the roles of the title characters.

Some possibilities of who might be directing the Boba Fett and Han Solo movies could include the man who designed Fett's armor, Joe Johnson, who also directed Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger and Dredd. Robert Rodriguez reportedly said he would jump at the chance to direct a movie about Han Solo. He was the man behind Sin City and Machete, so he knows his way around a gritty plot.

Another Star Wars spinoff rumored to be on the way is one centering on Yoda. Considering that the Jedi master was almost a millennium old by the time he appeared in The Phantom Menace, that leaves a lot of time to cover, so we can only assume the film could revolve around his early days in the Jedi Order.

The Star Wars spinoff films will be slated to appear between new episodes, so it looks like Disney is going for the Marvel Cinematic Universe approach to the upcoming films. With Boba Fett and Han Solo movies, and possibly one about Yoda, it looks like Disney has their work cut out for them.