'Shaq Fu 2' In The Works, Shaquille O'Neal Confirms [Video]

Shaq Fu 2 is being made, Shaquille O'Neal confirmed at CES 2014. You read that right; there will be a sequel to probably the worst fighting game ever made.

The original Shaq Fu was plagued with so many problems that gamers who actually tried to play it wished they could go back in time and stop it from being made. The character sprites were tiny, the collision detection was nearly useless, and the computer seemed to have no trouble showing you how to win a match. The problem was that the AI wasn't limited by what it couldn't see, but the player was.

Shaq Fu 2 is the sequel to a mess of a fighting game made to promote a man who claims to be rather intelligent. The video below tells us that he was a kid from the projects who followed his dreams, and actually has a doctorate. At seven foot four, Shaquille O'Neal probably discovered he could make far more money playing basketball than he could as a scientist, and proceeded to become one of the most famous players in the NBA in the early 90s.

Despite his humble beginnings, Shaq seems bent on promoting himself at CES 2014. He calls himself a "bridge" between geeks and athletes, yet he doesn't seem to talk much about the game he came to promote. If you were a gamer in the 90s, Shaq Fu really needs no introduction, and those of us who played it wish we could forget it.

Now with Shaq Fu 2 on its way, the best we can hope for is that Shaquille O'Neal and Electronic Arts learned their lesson about basing a game on little more than a celebrity appearance. EA was also the producer behind Need for Speed and Battlefield, two popular franchises with excellent longevity, showing that they can occasionally step away from ball sports and make something good, as long as the servers are working.

When Shaquille O'Neal dropped the news (in the video above from GamerFitNation), he added that the graphics were "crazy," and the interviewer suddenly burst out laughing. We can only hope that isn't the only moment someone actually has fun with the game outside development. The interviewer confessed he was joking about the game, but Shaq was quite serious, and said it's coming "soon."

After being listed as one of those games that celebrities should probably wish they never appeared in, it looks like Shaquille O'Neal is actually excited about the upcoming release of Shaq Fu 2.

The real question remains "why is this game even being considered?"