Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Camping Trip Denials Disputed By 'Eyewitness'

New denials stating Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez did not go on a camping trip to Santa Cruz, California, this past weekend have been disputed by at least one reported eyewitness.

Gossip Cop adds a Gomez insider categorically denies a TMZ report claiming Bieber and Gomez stayed in an "uber-luxury RV" owned by the singer Chris Brown at the "upscale KOA Kampgrounds," along with Justin's father Jeremy, and bodyguards.

Other details such as segway riding and the group's alleged use of the camp's trampoline were included in the denial.

"This did not happen," the insider insisted to Gossip Cop. "There is absolutely not one ounce of truth to anything in this."

Additionally, a source told E! News, "Selena and Justin are not back together."

The source went on to dismiss reports by local Santa Cruz and other news outlets quoting eyewitnesses --- who, between them --- said the Canadian and the Latina were among a group that stayed at the two vacation spots in Santa Cruz, from January 4-6.

"Selena and Justin have not gone on any trips together," E!'s insider counters. "They have not left town together."

KSBW, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Celebuzz, and Hollywood Life reported witnesses claimed the singers rode a segway at the campground.

These witnesses - including the two daughters of Santa Cruz's Deputy Chief of Police Steve Clark - said they saw the pop pair hanging out around and at the Seascape Beach Resort in Aptos. The Santa Cruz Sentinel wrote:

"Gomez was wearing a blonde wig and Bieber had a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses... The Clark sisters said after the two idols realized they were recognized, they ran inside the Seascape Beach Resort, with Gomez's [blonde] wig falling off in the process."
"They both had huge sunglasses on, it was obvious they were trying to hide who they were," Melissa Clark, 15, recalled of the alleged Monday night 10 pm sighting. The sisters claimed the ex-sweethearts spent the night in their hotel room and balcony.

Lily Peters, a 16-year-old fan, who lives in Santa Cruz, told Celebuzz a detailed backstory about avoiding Seascape's hotel security to catch sight of Bieber and Gomez. She has since taken to twitter insisting she saw the celebrities and denies "lying."

Other Twitter users also joined the conversation at different points.So what's the truth? The denials are firm and both E! News and Gossip Cop are credible news outlets. Equally, so are the Santa Cruz outlets, Celebuzz, and [at times] TMZ. That's a lot of witnesses claiming they saw Bieber and Gomez in Aptos: a camp site staffer, a police chief, least three teenage girls, and a Park Ranger. Are they really all mistaken?

Into the mix of conflicting stances on the story, claims that Bieber and Gomez were in Santa Cruz late on Monday are contradicted by a Las Vegas report that the "Confident" singer, five pals (including "Shots of Me" head John Shahidi, and Jeremy) checked into the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for a two-night stay on Monday and Tuesday --- unless the group arrived very late.

Speculation about the 19-year-old heartthrob and 21-year-old starlet sparked up again last week after they were seen riding Segways around Justin's Calabasas, Calif.,neighborhood on January 2. Two days later he posted an Instagram of himself and Selena snuggling while he captured the shot. He captioned it, "Love the way you look at me."

At the very least, Bieber and Gomez's denied Santa Cruz trip may encourage outlets cause to question the continuing tide of source-driven claims seen in the past few days, many of which are based on the premise the pair have reunited and the camping trip took place.