Sarah Michelle Gellar Back on the Small Screen in ‘The Ringer’

Buffy fans, take heart- star Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to be back on your tee-vee this fall!

Alas, Buffy the Vampire Slayer isn’t coming back to regular programming (though it runs on Logo in syndication every so often), but Gellar is set to play a fairly interesting double leading role in a new CW show called The Ringer. The set up is pretty interesting, with Gellar playing twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan. (Full preview below!)

Bridget, the main character, is on the road to repairing her life when she witnesses a professional hit. She reunites with her estranged sister Siobhan in New York. Siobhan is wealthy and connected, and no one in her life knows about Bridget. The two reconnect, but then Siobhan disappears. Bridget steps into her sister’s place, and discovers that Siobhan’s seemingly charmed existence may be far more complicated than it looks from the outside.

While Buffy may not be back, Gellar acknowledged in an interview how important the show was, both culturally and to fans:

”I have the greatest fans in the world, and I loved my show. I think sometimes, too, you need that time to understand that it was a cultural phenomenon, a legacy,” she said. “I want to honor those people who were so good to me and show them something worthy of their time and worthy of them. I think it was worth the wait.”

The cult TV star says that she believes the plot twists in The Ringer will get fans hooked quickly:

“This is the person who in the middle ofThe Sixth Sense yelled out, ‘Oh my, God! He’s dead!’” Gellar says about herself. “Usually I see it coming, and I didn’t see [Ringer‘s plot twists] coming.”

Do you plan to tune in to Gellar’s new show this fall?