Kylie Minogue Wants To Stop 'Cattiness' On 'The Voice UK'

Kylie Minogue wants the cattiness associated with UK's The Voice to stop this season.

Since there's occasionally some friction among the judges on the popular singing competition, viewers often encounter tension while watching the show. However, Minogue wants nothing but calm waters and smooth sailing during her stint on the program.

While speaking at a recent press event for The Voice, Kylie Minogue said her relationship with fellow judges Sir Tom Jones,, and Ricky Wilson is mostly positive. She firmly believes this will help cut down on the amount of grumbling and arguing this season.

"I was more than happy with that, just because it stops there being any stories about b****iness, cattiness, any kind of competition. I'm comfortable with it. Maybe it would be interesting to flip it up another season and have three women and one guy," the singer explained.

Minogue said about the upcoming season of The Voice UK, "It's working for me this year, and I hope that I'm giving a voice to the girls, the women who look up to me or anyone like me in the business. And maybe it's proportionate to what it is in the industry."

One person who is clearly excited about Kylie Minogue's involvement with The Voice is Although he didn't want to compare the singer to former judge Jessie J., it was still obvious that he feels Minogue's involvement with the show is a huge plus.

"She's reached a level of success that we all want to have. The show needs a Kylie," recently explained to reporters.

Sir Tom Jones addressed the quality of the contestants who are competing on this season of The Voice UK. While other shows tend to feature singers who aren't exactly up to snuff, Jones said they're going to focus on performers with budding talent.

"No one is going to say 'what was that all that about?' But there is no guarantee. There's no guarantee in show business. It's one step at a time. It's always down to the public whether that person is going to be a star," Jones explained at the press event.

He added, "You've got to try and get all the ingredients and hopefully it will sell. There's no guarantee that if you win this, you will be a star."

What do you think about Kyle Minogue's involvement with the UK version of The Voice? Do you think she will help cut down on the amount of cattiness between the judges?