Carolina Panthers to do list

Since Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson has been heavily involved in the labor negotiations the first thing for his team, and really all of the teams is to get this bleeping lockout over. Come on already you guys are arguing over 9 billion dollars, really? Get this crap over with already. If that is not the thing at the foremost in an owner’s mind he does not deserves to own his football team anymore. I am seriously done with the lockout.

Beyond that the Panthers need to get on the field and teach QB Cam Newton their offense. No, I am not talking about some crappy high school field where a guy not under contract could really foul up his career. I am talking about the state of the art training facilities that litter our country side.

Given all of 2011 draft pick Brandon Hogan’s off the field issues and medical concerns I would like to see this team bring in more DB help. Even if Hogan works out this team could use more depth here and if free agency ever begins they will need to address their secondary there. Even though they drafted a few D linemen I am concerned with their pass rush. I would like to see an elite pass rusher added to this defense somewhere.

Other than that this team needs to get to work. The young players need to be brought in, and the Steve Smith situation still needs to be dealt with. Personally I would let him go elsewhere and start about the work of rebuilding this team with young talent. On top of that even with the addition of LB Lawrence Wilson this team may be thin at LB. Of course adding a speedy pass rusher there would be a big plus.

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