Famous Author’s Ex-Wife Allegedly Pulls Gun From Vagina Following Space Alien Argument

The ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Cormac McCarthy allegedly threatened her boyfriend with a gun that she pulled out of her vagina, according to law enforcement authorities.

In a case that perhaps gives concealed carry a new definition, court papers in Santa Fe, NM indicate that Jennifer McCarthy, 48, allegedly pointed a silver Smith & Wesson pistol at the man after they argued about space aliens. According to the boyfriend's side of the story in the police report, she left the residence in the morning after they argued. When she returned home, she went into the bedroom and came out wearing lingerie "and a silver handgun in her vagina." The report then indicates she was having "inner course" -- as the deputy sheriff described it -- with the pistol. She then asked the man, "Who is crazy, you or me" before pulling the weapon out and pointing it at his head.

The Albuquerque Journal explained that "The boyfriend, who was not identified in the police statement, grabbed the gun after she pointed it at his head. He said he was afraid she was going to pull the trigger. The boyfriend went into the bathroom and put the gun in the toilet. He told the deputy that when McCarthy went to retrieve the gun, he got it himself and put it in a trash can outdoors."

The responding officer found the gun in the trash and arrested McCarthy on aggravated assault in the Saturday incident. She was released from jail on Sunday on a $5,000 bond. McCarthy, who is an artist, admitted to the argument but told the arresting officer that while she did have a gun, it had been missing for some time.

Cormac McCarthy is the author of The Road and No Country for Old Men, both of which were made into movies. The couple, who have one son, divorced in 2006.

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