Atomic Wedgie Murder In Oklahoma By Brad Davis Is The Strangest Crime Ever

An atomic wedgie murder is how Oklahoma police are describing an alleged crime by McCloud man Brad Davis.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, it is possible to get arrested for giving an atomic wedgie as one YouTube prankster found out the hard way.

Brad Davis, age 33, apparently got into an argument with his stepfather Denver St. Clair while drinking together several days before Christmas. The dispute started when "St. Clair began speaking ill of Davis' mother," and eventually a fight broke out. Davis says his stepfather swung first, but, even if that's true, Davis' counter-attack left blood splatters on the wall.

And that's when the atomic wedgie murder took place. Davis claims he didn't intend on killing the man, but he does admit to what took place as described by Pottawatomie County Lt. Jimmy Brewer:

"Nobody that I've had contact with has seen anything like this before. The asphyxia is coming from the atomic wedgie. The gentleman pulled [St. Clair's] underwear up over his head."
Unfortunately, the elastic band was wrapped around the man's neck, which caused the death by asphyxiation, although the medical examiner does say the blunt force trauma is a factor.

After committing the atomic wedgie murder, Davis called 911 to report his stepfather had stopped breathing. He was then arrested, put in jail, and is being held without bond.

Davis claims he wasn't intending on killing St. Clair, but police claim the scene around the atomic wedgie murder was altered to make it look like self defense. Some reports also claim authorities believe "Brad Davis texted a friend saying he was going to hurt his step-father because he had 'nothing to lose.'" A court hearing on January 22 is expected to formally charge Davis with murder... by an atomic wedgie.