Phoebe Cates: Where Did She Get Off To?

…and why hasn’t she aged?

Phoebe Cates was a staple 80’s hottie. In fact, Cates was pivotally hot by the standards of the decade, thanks to her famous bikini scene in the era’s seminal film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. She was also well-known for her role in the film Drop Dead Fred, but hasn’t graced the silver screen since appearing in 2001’s The Anniversary Party.

Every so often, web interest in Cates spikes- probably as a new generation of kids is introduced to her smokingly hot bikini scene in Fast Times. Yahoo looked into the actress’ decision to effectively retire from film, and found that it’s really no great mystery- Cates apparently just stopped making movies:

Cates’s absence from the big screen was a conscious decision; she wasn’t forced out of Tinseltown or anything. She is married to Oscar-winning actor Kevin Klein (who also appeared in “The Anniversary Party”), and the couple has several children. The two met while Cates was auditioning for a role in the 1983 hit film “The Big Chill.” She didn’t get the role (Meg Tilly did), but she did go on to appear in the mega-hit “Gremlins.”

Cates isn’t a full-time housefrau, though. She operates a boutique in New York called “Blue Tree” that offers offbeat and creative gifts.