Delta: New Seats On 225 Planes Offer Extra Legroom

Delta Air Lines are set to install new, bigger, and better seats on at least 225 of the planes in its domestic US fleet.

As well as the new and improved seats, which will offer additional legroom and more comfort, upgraded overhead bins are to be installed, just for good measure.

Delta announced today that the planes being fitted with the new seats will ensure that each passenger has their own power source, something which has been at the top of many frequent flyers and business customers' wish list.

Amazingly, Delta will also be adding extra seats to their planes including about 19 additional seats on their Boeing 757-200s series aircraft. So how are they able to increase legroom and cram all those extra dollars seats in?

The airline said they are achieving this by using slim-line seats which are smaller and lighter in weight. They are also upgrading kitchen areas and galleys in order to maximize cabin space for the new seats.

The upgrades by Delta are looking to cost in the region of $770 million over a period of three years. The project will begin in a month and run until the end of 2016.

In this day and age, airlines are tying to do what they can to improve passenger experience and, of course, increase revenue. One of the age old bugbears for many travelers is the fact that seats on planes are uncomfortable.

Another big one, with the increased usage of laptop computers, smartphones and tablets, is the need for power points on seats in order to charge devices.

It is encouraging that Delta is leading the way in enhancing the flying experience for domestic passengers. Nevertheless, it is of course mainly a financial decision, especially considering the extra revenue generated from 19 more seats per aircraft.