Victoria's Secret Worker Accused Of Having Acid Thrown In Her Face For Money

A Victoria's Secret store worker was accused of throwing acid on her own face in order to gain fame and fortune. The allegations were made against Naomi Oni, aged 21, by her friend Mary Konye, who said Oni had set the whole thing up.

According to Konye's attorney, Oni had instructed her friend to "act as a stalker" and throw the corrosive liquid in her face so she would get famous.

Oni was left badly disfigured for life after Konye threw sulphuric acid on her face near her home. Oni denied in court that she was obsessed with plastic surgery, despite internet history on her laptop showing she had more than a keen interest in it.

When she was asked in cross examination if she was in fact obsessed with another acid attack victim she said: "I wouldn't say obsessed but it deeply moved me. I read about other attacks but it was not an obsession."

She was addressed by the attorney who said: "You said if something similar to that of Katy Piper happened to you then that wouldn't be the end of the world because Katy Piper probably had a career boost."

When she was asked why she had visited so many plastic surgery related websites she said:

"I do not think I was very pretty at all. I went on the sites for no reason in particular - I had body issues and I was interested in plastic surgery for my body but there was no particular reason. I remember searching for my eyelids because I had double eyelids which I didn't like so I planned one day to see if I could do something about it."

Nevertheless Konye's team are sticking to their story that she made their client carry out the acid attack on her in order to improve her career prospects.