Kylie Minogue Opens Up About Breast Cancer

Kylie Minogue, the well known and much loved Australian singer, opened up to reporters about her recent struggle with cancer and about her breast cancer operation.

The singer, aged 45, split from her partner, Spanish model Andrés Velencoso last year after five years together. But Kylie isn't too worried about the prospect of finding love once again, and why should she be?

Due to her her fight with cancer back in 2005, it was unclear if Kylie Minogue would ever be able to have children. She hinted to reporters that she would consider adopting a child in the future: "There are many ways to have a family. I would love one in the future," she said.

When she was asked about why her hit Flower included lyrics about her feeling broody Kylie Minogue responded:

That was written in 2007, but going through cancer means there's a lot of unknowns - whether you can or can't have children. Cancer doesn't happen and go away and you're done with it. For a woman, everyone's story is different. Here are a million different versions of a cancer story but, for me, that was something I had to being to accept back then, which is not what you want to expect.
Kylie is also pretty confidant when it comes to the touchy subject of aging, a subject particularity sensitive among celebrities. She spoke about how she feels she is still young at heart:
I hope not because that's going to be impossible. It's as much pressure as you allow it to be, I suppose. It's the nature of the game, really. Yeah, I could decide to let it all go, become feral and live life like that, but I'm not ready to yet. I like what I do and I like to still be glamorous and wear crazy stage outfits and stuff. But I just hope when the time comes that it's not appropriate, I'm pretty confident that I'll feel it... I'm kind of just going with my instincts at the moment.