Brody Jenner Didn’t Know Kim Kardashian Was Engaged

Apparently if you’re the step-brother of Kim Kardashian you’re the last person to know she’s engaged. Kim and boyfriend of six-months Kris Humphries announced their engagement this morning and Brody found out with the rest of the world.

A party was held for Kim but Brody must not have received an invite, Tweeting on Wednesday morning:

“My sister is engaged? Hahaha I had no idea!!.. Crazy being in such a big family.. Congrats @Kimkardashian love you. Let’s celebrate soon”

Brody then directed a text at Kourtney and her sister Khloe Kardashian:

“@KourtneyKardash @khloekardashian Why don’t you guys ever fill me in? Haha no text or anything?”

Apparently the family had their wires cross with Khloe tweeting:

“I thought kim would have?! LOL I die for u! “@BrodyJenner” and “Yes @BrodyJenner our family is getting way too big! LOL let’s all celebrate together!”

With the busy schedules the entire family has I’m surprised he ever found out. Before the rumor mill gets started about family squabbling this one really does seem to be just a case of miscommunication.