'Frozen' Soundtrack Scores Top Spot On Billboard's Chart

Frozen is on a powerful streak after capturing the box office, and now it looks like those audience members who were warmed by the Disney film have purchased the catchy tunes of the film's original soundtrack.

According to USA TODAY, the Frozen soundtrack has reached the top spot on their top-selling chart. Catchy tunes include viral songs "Let it Go", and other fan favorites, "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" and "In Summer." Not only have the catchy tunes gained fans, but the refreshing story-lines have added to the success of Frozen, as well.

Although its release was a few weeks ago, Frozen seems to be adding to its positive reception and gaining both listeners and audience goers. Just this week, Frozen's soundtrack jumped from number four to number one for the top albums of the week. Perhaps, people are feeling that chilly weather and want to indulge their inner snow angel-kid.

Not to take away from Frozen's success, but their box office competition isn't anything to write home about when you think of their key demos. Currently, Frozen is covering the family friendly stock across the board.

While we currently have Oscar hopefuls like The Wolf of Wall Street, Inside Llewyn Davis, and August: Osage County in theaters, they aren't exactly family friendly. Frozen proves to be the greatest escape for everyone.

On the other side of the fence, in the musical department, the only competition seems to be Beyonce's new album, but since it seems like everyone and their mother has already purchased the album, the album has dropped 58 percent in sales. Still, as far as the Billboard charts go, Frozen has its work cut out for them to stay ahead of One Direction's Midnight Memories, another solid selling album.

Currently, Frozen's viral videos are gaining in popularity, as well. Its hit song "Let It Go" has had 31 million views so far on Youtube. Then, there's another NSFW parody version that also has gained a followed too.

Have you seen Frozen yet?