Ben Affleck Poses Next To A Corpse For 'Gone Girl'

When word was released that David Fincher was directing one of the best-selling thrillers, Gone Girl, it immediately sparked up a discussion of whether or not Fincher would play on the darker parts of the novel written by Gillian Flynn.

The director, who has previously adapted novels such as The Social Network and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, has already proved to be someone that explores a darker territory, and pushes the envelope just a bit further than the original source material. For Flynn's Gone Girl, it looks as though Fincher will not disappoint.

Entertainment Weekly has released one of the first official posters from the film starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. The image is the newest cover for the weekly magazine, and it proves to be chilling, cryptic, and slightly disturbing, which fully piques our interest. On the cover, Affleck is seen cuddling up next to Pike's lifeless corpse in a morgue.

Those who are familiar with the novel may or may not see the direct connection to the source material if they delve deep. Pike's character, Amy, faked her own death for an extended period of time after moving from New York to the Midwest with her husband Nick. Due to numerous reasons, Amy decides to flee from their modest home in Nick's hometown and leave him as the prime suspect in her murder.

Fincher, who shot the cover for Entertainment Weekly, discussed his point of view of Gone Girl, and how he dealt with unsavory character traits in the story:

"I don't know what 'likable' is. I know people who are doting parents, who give to charity, drive Priuses, all those things, who are insufferable a- -holes. I like people who get s - - - done."

Of the film itself, Fincher discussed just how he approached the material:

"There was something thrilling about taking this piece of work that I'd spent about two years painstakingly putting together with all its eight million LEGO pieces and take a hammer to it and bash it apart and reassemble it into a movie."
For those who are fans of the novel, you will have to wait a bit to see the finished product. Gone Girl will hit theaters on October 3.