Waitress Receives $6,000 Tip From Customers Moved By Her Tragic Past

Customers moved by the tragic tale of an 18-year-old waitress at a Nebraska Cracker Barrel decided to reward her tremendous spirit by giving her a $6,000 tip.

Abigail Sailors was asked by two men who she served why she was so happy. This lead her to reveal that she has spent almost all of her young life in foster care alongside her siblings after the death of her mother. The customers resonated with her tale so deeply that they decided to anonymously tip Abigail to the tune of $6,000.

Sailors was instantly taken aback by this life-affirming act of kindness, especially considering that the only reason she was working in the restaurant was to raise funds for her college. Because of this sum of money she is now able to return to her school in North Dakota.

When the customers arrived at Cracker Barrel they actually asked to be seated with the grumpiest waitress in the establishment. Instead, they were placed under the watchful eye of Abigail, who was actually the most cheerful.

As Abigail assisted the pair they began to ask her about her life. This saw Abigail reveal that at the age of just seven months old her mother died in a serious car accident, which forced her to live under the care and attention of an abusive foster father.

Abigail's father was originally declared unfit to look after her and her four brother and sisters, which resulted in the siblings living inside a foster home.

Once their foster father's abuse was discovered, Abigail was forced to live apart from most of her brothers and sisters. Abigail, her sister Sydnie, and one of their brothers then went to live with their biological father, however the tragedy increased when he too started to abuse his children.

Nine years ago though, John and Susi Sailors took in the family, and they have since showered love and devotion down upon Abigail and her kin which has given them her sunny outlook on life.

Abigail also informed the customers that she had recently completed her first semester at Trinity Bible College in North Dakota, but she was now unable to attend her next term due to lack of funds.

This then lead one of the customers to write out a check for $6,000, which broke down to $5,000 for tuition fees and $1,000 for school supplies, as well as a $100 tip for her waitress skills.

Abigail responded by proclaiming, "I said, 'Are you serious', and my eyes just filled with tears. It's always been my dream college to go there and play basketball, and go to a Christian school where I can seek God."