Chloe Gosselin And David Copperfield: Not An Illusion, It's Real

Chloe Gosselin, the French model and designer, has become a new addition to illusionist and magician David Copperfield's box of tricks.

Well, actually, rather more than that. The couple revealed to Hello! Magazine that they have been engaged for some time.

Copperfield said: "I'm engaged and in a committed relationship with Chloe in my mind and my heart." He was questioned about his reputation for dating some of the world's most glamorous women, including six years with Claudia Schiffer. He responded by saying that was "a long time ago."

As is not uncommon among celebrity relationships, Chloe Gosselin, 28, and David Copperfield, 57, have reversed what used to be considered the natural sequence of events in a relationship.

Firstly, they met six years ago, and the relationship started shortly after. Then, three years ago, Chloe gave birth to their daughter, Sky, and now they announce the engagement. Pure Hollywood!

But Chloe seems happy with the arrangement. She also spoke to the magazine and said:

"I'm so lucky to have found David. There are very few people in the world like him. He's spent more than 30 years at the top of his profession. He's achieved some extraordinary things... People come up to him, tell him they admire him, that he's a role model for them – and he just smiles, because he's truly modest. It's as if he doesn't realize how smart he is, the talent that he has."
Copperfield is the most successful magician and illusionist of all time, according to Hallo! He has grossed more than $4 billion, and he owns a group of eleven islands in the Caribbean, called Copperfield Bay, where he and Chloe live.

He says:

"Because of my work I have the privilege of living in extraordinary places around the world - and I wanted to re-create the details of those experiences here — from the water pressure in the shower to the thread count in the towels."
Apart from being a famous model, Chloe Gosselin also aspires to be a shoe designer.

And who wouldn't want to be in her shoes now!