'Pulp Fiction' Video Game: What The 8-Bit Game Would Look Like [Video]

A Pulp Fiction video game could have been awesome, or it could have been terrible. Video games based on movies and vice versa rarely turn out that good.

That didn't stop YouTube's Cinefix from making an 8-bit video featuring scenes from the movie as a video game. The video begins with the scene where Vincent Vega and Jules deal out rough justice on the apartment full of guys who allegedly tried to cheat Marsellus Wallace. Jules runs in behind Vincent and grabs the burger and soft drink, and then the two proceed to shoot all of them except Marvin.

As they drive away, Vincent turns and accidentally shoots Marvin. Then, the game states the mission has failed. It sends you to a mini-game where one of them is in the car cleaning up the mess "before Jimmy's wife comes home." She arrives almost the instant he's done, and the mission is a success.

The next part shown of the Pulp Fiction video game is the diner scene, where Jules confronts the coffee shop robbers and avoids killing anyone.

Following this is a dance minigame with Vincent and Mrs. Wallace, the scene that brought John Travolta back to film fame. After a successful dance, it cuts to the adrenaline shot scene after Mrs. Wallace overdoses on heroin. Then, Vincent enters Butch's apartment and ends up having to stop and "take care of business" on the toilet. At this point Butch comes in, grabs a gun, and proceeds to shoot Vincent.

After Vincent is killed, Butch grabs his dad's watch and drives straight into Marsellus Wallace, where the two duke it out. It cuts to the scene where Butch saves Wallace from … something awful.

The video does what a lot of Pulp Fiction fans probably wanted to do with the movie itself, which is putting it in chronological order to make everything fit together. Would you want to try a Pulp Fiction video game like this?