Rita Ora Possibly Moving Into DJ Calvin Harris' Los Angeles Home [Rumor]

Is Rita Ora moving to Los Angeles to spend more time with boyfriend DJ Calvin Harris?

Celebrity relationship rumors are apparently a dime a dozen these days. That latest couple to find their names in the headlines are Ora and Harris, though at least they aren't contending with anything negative at the moment. Considering the pair were supposedly having issues a while ago, this rumor is actually quite positive.

This particular report arrived courtesy of the Daily Star. According to the publication, Rita Ora is apparently ready to bid farewell to her London digs to move in with her DJ boyfriend in Los Angeles. Since this rumor comes from an anonymous source, approach it with extreme caution until something official comes down the gossipy pipeline.

"He believes they can make their relationship last if they both fully commit to it. Rita took her time making the decision. But she does spend a lot of time in LA anyway and has friends there. So in the end she knew it was the right thing to do," the insider dished.

Depending on who you ask, Rita Ora may not have had much of a choice in the matter. She was reportedly booted from her London apartment following frequent complaints from neighbors about her wild and crazy parties. The anonymous source suggests that Harris asked Ora to move in so that their professional obligations don't result in the destruction of their relationship.

"Rita took her time making the decision. It's a big step after all. But she does spend a lot of time in LA anyway and has friends there. So in the end she knew it was the right thing to do. Calvin was delighted when Rita told him the answer was yes," the source explained.

Although the couple started dating back in May of 2013, previous reports suggested that the couple's romance was slowly but surely coming to a close. The Inquisitr picked up a story late last year that they were supposedly planning a getaway to work on their relationship.

"Rita and Calvin have barely seen each other in the last couple of months and now she has put her foot down. She feels on her own too much and when they do see each other he's been really preoccupied with other things," a source told the Daily Star in November.

Rita Ora fans can catch the singer in the highly-anticipated big-screen adaptation of E.L. James' erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey next year.