Corinne Schumacher Pleads For Privacy As Michael Heals

Corinne Schumacher is pleading for privacy as her husband heals from a devastating skiing accident. Michael Schumacher, age 45, suffered a brain injury when he crashed while skiing in the French Alps.

On December 29, 2013, Michael and his family were on vacation at the Meribel resort in France. While skiing, Michael crashed and hit his head on a rock. Following the accident, he remained conscious and lucid. However, when he arrived at the hospital doctors determined he suffered a serious brain injury.

Manager Sabine Kehm confirmed Michael underwent two surgeries to reduce the pressure inside his head. The seven-time Formula One champion remains in a medically induced coma. He is currently listed in critical, but stable condition at the Grenoble hospital.

Although fans from around the world are curious about Michael's progress, his family has requested privacy during the difficult time. For the first time since the accident, Corinne Schumacher issued a statement to Michael's fans and the press:

"It's very important to me that you ease the burden on the doctors and the hospital so that they can do their work in peace... Please also leave our family alone.''
As reported by Huffington Post, Kehm echoed Corrine's request. She said Michael Schumacher and his family deserve privacy and will not be issuing any further statements concerning his condition or progress.

Michael Schumacher retired from racing in October 2012. However, he remains the most successful Formula One driver in the history of the sport. Throughout his career, he drove for Benetton, Ferrari, Jordan, and Mercedes. He won seven world champion titles between 1994 and 2004.

ESPN reports he broke numerous records throughout his career and has millions of fans worldwide. However, as he heals from his serious injury, Michael Schumacher's family simply wants to be left alone.

Following her statement, Corrine Schumacher asked reporters to leave, and stop gathering outside the hospital.

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