Beth Behrs And Kat Dennings Plan To Keep It Clean For People's Choice Awards

Beth Behrs isn't planning on taking any hosting cues from Ricky Gervais.

The star of 2 Broke Girls is playing host to the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday with co-star Kat Dennings, and the two said they plan on keeping it clean. She and Dennings said there will be no "picking on other people and no teasing" during the broadcast.

So while a Ricky Gervais act may be out the window, Beth Behrs said they may have another female comedy duo to aspire to --- Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

"If there's any possible way we could even be a fourth as hilarious as them that would be great!" she said.

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs may have a good night themselves. They are nominated for two statues --- Favorite TV Gal Pals and Favorite Network TV Comedy --- and as a self-professed musical theater geek Behrs said she may go overboard in her celebration if they win.

"That's not to say that I might not do a musical number. Kat might just, you know, she may lip-sync. Who knows, who knows?"

But both young stars are relishing the opportunity to get out of the drab waitress uniforms that audiences have come to know them by in 2 Broke Girls.

"Kat and I usually love wearing our sweat clothes on set, but it'll be nice to be all glammed up and out of that mustard yellow for a change," Behrs said.

But even if she leaves the night empty handed, Behrs appears to have a bright future in Hollywood. Aside from her top rated sitcom, she also has an upcoming movie in