Daisy Coleman: Maryville Rape Victim Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

Daisy Coleman was reportedly hospitalized following a suicide attempt on Sunday evening. The 16-year-old gained national attention amid a rape scandal that rocked the small town of Maryville, Missouri.

In 2012, when Coleman was 14 years old, she and a friend were attending a party with numerous classmates. Throughout the evening, 17-year-old Matthew Barnett reportedly served her alcohol until she passed out. She woke up hours later on the porch of her mother's home. She was laying in the snow, and the temperature was well below freezing.

Melinda Coleman found her daughter laying on the porch and immediately brought her inside. While Daisy was bathing, she realized she was sore between her legs. Her mother suspected she had been raped and took her to the hospital for an examination.

The examination performed by St. Francis Hospital confirmed her suspicions. The doctors noted vaginal tearing, which indicated someone sexually assaulted Daisy Coleman while she was passed out. Barnett was arrested and charged with felony sexual assault. His friend Jordan Zech, who filmed the incident, was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a minor. The charges against both teens were eventually dismissed.

Following the dismissal, Melinda was fired from her job, and Daisy was harassed at school and through social media. The family was eventually forced to leave Maryville. After they left, their empty home was burned to the ground.

Less than two years later, Daisy Coleman was hospitalized following a suicide attempt. As reported by Fox 4 Kansas City, the teen attended a party in Kansas City on Friday evening. After she left the party, she received several rude comments on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

On Sunday evening, Daisy started displaying unusual symptoms. Her family said she was stumbling and incoherent. Fearing for her health, they took her to a Kansas City hospital for an evaluation. The doctors eventually determined the teen had attempted suicide.

Although they pumped the contents of her stomach, Melinda said her daughter is still incoherent. News.Com.Au reports that it is unknown if and when the teen will recover. Daisy Coleman is currently listed in stable condition at a children's psychiatric facility in Kansas City.