Ariana Grande Isn't Dating Adrian Grenier, Doesn't Know Who He Is

Ariana Grande wants everyone to know that she isn't dating Adrian Grenier.

Rumors started swirling a few days after a report in Star magazine suggested that the singer had hooked up with the Entourage alum. Instead of casually dismissing the report on social media, Grande's response was perhaps more interesting than the rumor itself.

Shortly after the folks at OceanUp posted an image from the publication in question, Ariana Grande decided to address the situation on Twitter.

"Who the hell is that?" she wanted to know. Although Grenier has definitely made a name for himself, that comment still has to sting a little.

An anonymous source claimed that Grande and Grenier recently spent some quality time together at the Republic Records holiday part in New York City. If this very odd pairing turns is true, then Ariana didn't bother to get the guy's name when they snuggled up.

"They were very flirty," the insider dished.

Since Grande isn't the sort of person who hangs out at parties or obnoxiously rubs elbows with other celebrities, it's highly unlikely that there's any truth to this rumor. After all, Ariana recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that she prefers a quiet night at home these days.

"What excites younger people doesn't excite me. I'm kind of a boring, normal girl who likes Harry Potter and to sit in her pajamas and sing. A lot of my friends are partiers, but I've never really clicked with that. I like Barbra Streisand, and when was the last time you saw [her partying]?...that's the kind of road that I, as a lady, would like to go down," she said.

The singer added that she's very surprised by how popular she's become in recent days. Although her fans probably feel differently about the matter, Ariana Grande said she never thought anyone would take her seriously.

"I've dealt with a lot of people not knowing what to expect from me because of my age and my personality. People often mistake my kindness for weakness, and they didn't expect much from me," Grande explained.

Check out her tweet regarding Adrian Grenier below.

Although Ariana Grande recently broke up with The Wanted singer Nathan Sykes, she probably isn't too eager to jump into another public relationship so fast. As soon as the singer starts dating again, chances are you'll hear it from one internet source or another before the relationship officially goes public.