Nancy Grace Calls Pot Smokers ‘Fat And Lazy’ [Video]

Nancy Grace has decided to weigh in on the legalization of marijuana. And when interviewed on CNN live recently, she claims that the legalization of marijuana is a “terrible” idea and that pot smokers who disagree with her are “fat and lazy”. Nancy Grace even went so far as to say that those screaming at her in disagreement were probably sitting on their couches eating potato chips.

Nancy Grace usually finds a way to make use of popular issues to spread sensationalism. And right now, recreational use of marijuana is a hot button issue. With Colorado and Washington both making recreational marijuana legal in recent years and New York considering it for medicinal purposes now, everyone is talking about the merits of the legalization of marijuana.

But Nancy Grace questions the intelligence of the decision to legalize marijuana, citing her work in courtrooms where she saw “lethargic” defendants come in high on pot. She also questions whether anyone would want their airline pilots, cab drivers, or baby sitters smoking pot on the job.

Her latest statements are sure to get her in hot water with marijuana users and politicians alike. But she really isn’t concerned with the backlash. Her comments sent the twitterverse into a frenzy.