Corban Durant’s Mystery Illness Leaves Boy Unable to Blink

Corban Durant, 3, has been battling health conditions all of his life. He’s dealt with heart defects, low muscle tone, nerve damage, and even a partially paralyzed face which resulted in the boy’s inability to blink.

With Corban’s host of health conditions, his family has, sadly, gotten used to being in and out of the hospital. The boy’s mother, Natasha Durant, is now saying that the troubling news isn’t over. Natasha is now saying that her son’s cerebellum is shrinking, and his doctors don’t know why.

Natasha told ABC News that cerebellum shrinking “can cause a lot of problems. It may be responsible for nerve degeneration. It may also cause problems with motor function and speech.”

Doctors believe that Corban may be suffering from a genetic abnormality, but after multiple tests and everything coming back negative, both the family, and doctors are stumped. Natasha stated that they have worked on finding the cause of Corban’s illness for years.

Doctors have worked with the Durant family for years trying to figure out what is causing Corban’s mystery condition. Now, according to American Live Wire, Corban’s doctors have suggested that he be seen by specialized doctors at the Mayo Clinic.

“They decided it’s time for him to see a new team and almost all of them first mentioned Mayo Clinic. If we can figure out a diagnosis … I’m hoping there’s something to slow it down,” said Natasha.

The family is now facing the challenge of having to raise at least $20,000 to not only make the trip to the Mayo Clinic, but to also have Corban to be diagnosed. The family has raised close to $10,000 with the help of generous donations through their GoFundMe page. The family is still looking to raise another $10,000 to help them put a down-payment to be seen at the clinic.

[Image via Helping Corban Facebook Page]