'Pokemon' Rumors: Is 'Pokemon Plus And Minus' The Next Generation?

Pokemon rumors are once again flying, and even though some fans haven't even finished playing Pokemon X and Y, the grapevine is already alive with talk of the next game (games?).

According to a relatively reliable source named "Geno," the next games in the series will be named Pokemon Plus and Minus, once again keeping to the polar opposite titles. It is expected to be just as revolutionary as the current generation, with a focus on the theme of "old tradition versus new exploration."

While this allegedly means that we'll still have the pocket monsters and their evolutions with the usual battles, the world itself will change dramatically all over again. The cell-shaded new look will attempt to emulate real anime, and the game will take place on islands.

The Pokemon rumors were also sparked by concept art being traded regularly between Nintendo and Pokemon Company. Even if the game is a couple of years away, concept art is almost always the first hint that something new is on the horizon.

Gamefreak is allegedly planning to put a lot of ideas into the game that they've been wanting to add for years, including an overhaul and simplification of the combat system. Pokemon battles could be getting streamlined in Pokemon Plus and Minus if that's the name they're going with.

The new starters will be named after their Pokemon types, and the new Legendaries will be a sort of multi-faced lion and a ghost/fairy type with hurricane-like arms.

The new villains are supposedly "old-fashioned" type characters who believe the "old ways are best." They reportedly believe that you should stick with the same Pokemon for life, not trading them for others you discover.

The new world according to the Pokemon rumors is an MMO style landscape with physical Pokemon Bank locations. They will work much like the app does, allowing you to import your pocket monsters from the previous games. There might also be a music-based minigame where multiple Pokemon are grouped and work together to make music and achieve the highest score.

New Pokemon Gyms are said to include a mail system which specializes in only Flying types, a baby vampire one featuring Ghost and Dark types, and a military one which uses Fire and Steel types.

The new games are said to be played entirely on the portable gamepad, or blown up on the Terminal for home play. This indicates that Pokemon Plus and Minus may be heading to Wii U, giving Nintendo's newest console the killer IP it's been waiting for.

Do you think these Pokemon rumors are true, with another generation already in the works?