Game Of Thrones City, Kings Landing, Becomes Real Town For DVD Release

Game Of Thrones is an inspiring a new name for a British town formerly called Kings Langley. The real question is... do they enjoy LARPing?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, President Obama enjoys the TV show very much, and he's looking forward to Game Of Thrones Season 4. He's not alone since GOT is the most pirated TV show in the world.

The Game Of Thrones city name change will promote the HBO series. They're changing their name to Kings Landing, which is one of the major Game Of Thrones cities in the fictional universe. In fact, it's the royal capital of the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

So where did they get the inspiration for the Game Of Thrones city name change? Apparently, a HBO producer was on a train and heard the name Kings Langley mentioned as one of the stops. He then contacted Dacorum Borough Council to organize the name change as a marketing promotion for the Game Of Thrones DVD set release for season 3.

Susan Lea of the Dacorum Borough Council was all for the idea and said she hopes businesses and restaurants will get involved. Unfortunately, Kings Landing will only become real for a single week starting on February 17, 2014.

So what will they do during this week? LARPing stands for Live Action Role Playing, and some of the biggest Game Of Thrones fans may descend upon Kings Landing in rabid mobs in order to recreate certain scenes.

Some articles have already made some suggestions. One idea includes leading a fleet of cars to attack the city since Kings Langley is miles inland, unlike the fictional Game Of Thrones city. Another includes having someone play as Joffrey and seven armed Whitecloaks so that the locals can try murdering their king.

The Game Of Thrones sex scenes are also fairly infamous, so of course that means opening up a brothel or two... or three... or more.