Bruce Jenner: Would You Take Divorce Advice From Him?

Bruce Jenner may not be the first person in the world you'd think of running to for advice when your marriage was over. However, it seems that Lamar Odom isn't bothered that Bruce split from Kris Jenner back in 2013, and still took his advice. reported on a source who told them:

He told Lamar to forget about everything that happened in 2013 and not drag all the drama, defeats and embarrassments with him. Bruce told him, 'It will eat you alive and ruin any progress if you stay in the past.' He also told Lamar to stay off the websites and turn the TV off and not listen to gossip about him. He basically gave Lamar a lot of advice and mental support.
Khloé's marriage to Lamar had been on the rocks for quite some time amidst rumors of cheating and drug abuse. She put an end to the four-year marriage in September with much media attention.

Obviously, and for good reason, Lamar is now worried about how is going to be portrayed in the Keeping Up With The Kardashian's show.

Bruce Jenner gave Lamar some sound advice on the matter telling him: "hope for the best but expect the worst when it comes to that show and what they're going to reveal because this is how they survive - by putting everything on the table."

It seems that the divorce is being handled civilly by the couple, especially by Khloé, who is determined to help Lamar stay sober and offer him support following the split.

It must be said that Bruce Jenner did have, for the most part, a successful marriage of 22 years with Kris. But would you go to get divorce advice from him? Is he qualified to offer the right advice, do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments feed below.