Lauren Conrad’s Ex-Boyfriend Trades Up

Mr. “All Girls Are Shady” Doug Reinhardt, who is from recognizable his lame spot on The Hills (where he got spectacularly dumped by Lauren Conrad because he’s so boring!), has found another lady after months of bromancing his buds. His new girlfriend? Amanda Bynes, who was seen hanging out with him at Teddy’s during Thanksgiving weekend and looking smitten! According to TMZ, the Minor League player managed to woo Amanda after their chance encounter and they’re been making time for each other ever since.

Good luck, Amanda! This is going to be a change from the “Smartest Person on TV” and multi-millionaire ex-boyfriend Seth McFarlane, but Doug’s official website does declare him to be “a gentleman” with “breathtaking” charm. So you never know.

Shall we take bets on how it will last? I’m guessing 2 months max.