Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez’s Intimate Instagram Amid ‘Molly’ Rumors

Selena Gomez has been hit by tabloid accusations of using “Molly,” the purportedly purified version of MDMA, also known as Ecstasy, amid speculation she may be back with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber.

The Latina was seen in an Instagram posted by the Canadian heartthrob on Saturday. The shot shows the former sweethearts locked in an intimate embrace which Bieber captioned: “Love the way you look at me.”

It follows last Thursday’s sighting of the pair riding Segways in Justin’s upmarket Calabasas, Calif., neighborhood.

Now, in addition to reignited romance speculation by fans and media, comes a rumor from two sources alleging Gomez is battling substance addiction — namely “Molly,” cocaine, and alcohol.

According to the National Enquirer via Showbiz Spy, both of which are tabloids, the actress-singer was allegedly seen taking “Molly” at a Hollywood Hills party last summer she reportedly attended with Bieber.

“Justin was at the same party, but I didn’t see him using drugs that night,” a source told the National Enquirer.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Instagram Ripples Fan Reaction

(Photo: Instagram)

“I was more focused on Selena because, up to that point, I didn’t know she took drugs. But she clearly knew what she was doing. This certainly wasn’t her first time (sic),” the insider purportedly added.

The source reportedly continued: “She ingested less than a gram of the drug in a bottle of water, which is one of the most common ways of doing it. She was also drinking. I saw champagne, whisky and Grey Goose [vodka] at the party.”

Gomez recently canceled the Australia and Asia legs of her Stars Dance World Tour citing a need to “spend some time on myself to be the best person I can be,” amid multiple reports she is suffering from the autoimmune disease, Lupus.

As yet there has been no confirmation from either Gomez or her representatives that she has the condition.

The second source for further substance-addiction claims comes per a Blind Gossip item via PopCrush.

Without naming Gomez, Blind Gossip lists references that infer the identity of the Spring Breakers starlet before alleging she uses too much alcohol and cocaine.

Both reports from the National Enquirer and Blind Gossip state Gomez is allegedly seeking help to stop the problem before it gets out of hand.

Gomez recently accompanied her friend Demi Lovato to a rehab speaking engagement and the pals were spotted dining together at a Mexican eatery on January 3, hours before Bieber posted the Instagram of himself and his ex-girlfriend.

For many it’s probably a shock to hear Gomez, “Molly,” cocaine, and substance addiction in the same sentence.

It should be noted these are unconfirmed claims and may be false. If the claims are true, it’s commendable Selena is addressing the issue.