Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Instagram Ignites Reunion Rumors, Splits Fans

If Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s latest, intimate Instagram tells us anything for certain, it’s that this probably reunited couple enjoys the speculation such images generate. At least we hope they do, given the chorus of disapproval coming from many fans.

“Love the way you look at me,” the 19-year-old wrote on Saturday alongside a photo of himself and the starlet embracing.

The social media PDA comes just two days after Bieber and Gomez were snapped riding Segways around his plush, Calabasas, Calif., neighborhood, after months of not being seen together.

Over at the New York Post, a headline blazes that Gomez’s fans want her to stay away from the incident-prone pop prince.

Another outlet bloodlessly pits the pair against each other: “Biebs’ career may be staring at its inevitable decline, but Gomez has just begun to gain some respectability as an artist outside of the Disney bubble.”

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Instagram Ripples Fan Reaction

(Photo: Instagram)

“This rekindled romance could be considered a bad career move and could result in what can only be described metaphorically as a ‘double drown’,” writes San Francisco Examiner.

So far Bieber’s Instagram has notched up over 1.48 million “Likes.” Comments range from fans gushing over the ‘return of Jelena,’ to those opposed to a reunion, and a minority who appear to think the selfie is Photoshopped.

“Selena Gomez is too good for Justin Bieber, she needs to move on!” @actionnjackson9 posted on Twitter.

@IKidrauhlic tweeted, “Well God help him. He’s clearly in love with her but my advice get out while you can. Selena is manipulative and will do anything to get what she wants.”

“I’m glad you’re finally happy, I love her and I love you so much, whenever you’re happy I do. Don’t let people ruin this relationship if you really love her it will work. Love ya,” a user by the name of @idocareaboutyou wrote to Bieber on Instagram.

“Just DONT,” added @cony_m_a at the photo-sharing platform.

“Selena’s just a dumb w***e why can’t you see that jb!,” @mfstcourtney blasted.

Among the voices of moderation online is Jan Smith, Bieber’s former vocal coach. Replying to a Twitter user, the Atlanta professional wrote:

Current media narrative cites Bieber’s dramatic 2013, which included incidents such as him peeing into a New York restaurant mop bucket, being photographed exiting a famous brothel, and a charge for graffiti, both in Rio, Brazil — as the reason why he and the “Come and Get It” songstress shouldn’t reunite.

Somewhat selectively, rumors alleging Gomez has drug and wider substance abuse issues, her recent F-bomb at the 2013 KIIS Jingle Ball, not to mention Bieber’s sizable philanthropic efforts appear less frequently in that narrative.

After completing a 15-month world tour, the Canadian is now on a lengthy break although he has been spotted in studios.

The 21-year-old Latina recently canceled the Australia and Asia legs of her Stars Dance tour amid reports she is suffering from Lupus.

The pair began dating in 2010, went public in 2011, first split in November 2012, and have reportedly maintained an on-off relationship ever since.

Whatever their latest Instagram means or doesn’t mean remains to be seen. But, perhaps commentators suggesting career-saving PR is at work and fans on both side of the divide should consider the simplest explanation: That these two just like each other’s company.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Instagram

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