Erin Andrews' San Francisco 49ers Vs Green Bay Packers Quiz: Tongue 'Licking The Goal Post?'

Erin Andrews' San Francisco 49ers vs Green Bay Packers game experience has a been a cold one, to say the least.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Erin Andrews once slipped Justin Bieber into a conversation with Justin Verlander.

Leading up to the game day some people thought the weather conditions would qualify it for the name Ice Bowl 2. Only six NFL games have ever been played in sub-zero temperatures. Today's game was the seventh since temperatures peaked at five degrees, with some weather reports claiming there could be drops to -50 degrees when including wind chill.

So Andrews went shopping a week in advance in order to gear up before heading out to Lambeau Field on Sunday evening. She even went to Twitter for help, asking fans: "I need the name of the best sporting goods store in Green Bay... good warm jackets..."

Erin came to the 49ers vs Packers game decked out in jackets, pants, boots and headwear, even including battery charged feet and glove warmers. But what some fans seemed to have noticed the most was her choice in hair style. Or as one tweet put it:

"So many bros just staring at the TV with their mouth's wide open when Erin Andrews in pigtails gives a report."
So far Erin Andrews' Ice Bowl experience has been interesting. She's shown us just how cold it's outside by blowing some smoke:

erin andrews blowin smoke in green bay

Andrews also thinks her Fox coworkers are pretty crazy:

"Speaking of the weather, Randall Cobb says he has no fear in going sleeveless today. I absolutely think he's crazy because I have about 80 layers on and I'm still cold. Guys? Enjoy the studio!"
But her field-side reports took a bizzarre turn when Fox host Curt Menefee asked her she'd been licking the goalposts and if her tongue was still working. This was supposed to be a reference to the movie A Christmas Story but it just came out sounding wrong.

But that's still not as bad as what is on the minds of some on Twitter:

What do you think about Erin Andrews' 49ers game experience so far at the Ice Bowl 2?