Megan Fox Wants to Steal “Carrie” Role from Lindsay Lohan

Writer Stephen King recently threw Lindsay Lohan’s name into the mix for the upcoming remake of his popular book Carrie, but it looks like another actress wants to rain on her parade with Megan Fox campaigning to win the role in the movie remake being produced by MGM and Screen Gem.

News of the remake broke last week and various 20-something stars have been named as possible contenders for the role of a teenage girl who develops the power to star fires after being repeatedly teased by her fellow classmates.

Showbiz Spy says Fox wants the role because “she wants to move on to more serious roles.”

Fox does have experience playing the creepy teenager role having portrayed Jennifer in the supernatural movie Jennifer’s Body.

It would be interesting to see how the uber-hot Megan Fox could pull off the outcast type character so masterfully portrayed by Sissy Spacek in De Palma’s excellent retelling of the Stephen King Book, perhaps Lohan would make a much better choice for that reason alone.