Marg Helgenberger Returns To TV With ‘Intelligence’

Marg Helgenberger returns to the small screen with the new drama Intelligence.

After spending years on the popular series CSI, the actress decided to take a much-deserved break from TV. However, she didn’t stay gone for very long. Helgenberger is all set to return alongside Lost alum Josh Holloway in Michael Seitzman’s series.

Holloway stars as the heroic Gabriel Vaughn, a cyber-crime operative who has a nifty little microchip implanted inside his skull. Instead of browsing the internet or hacking computer systems with a computer, our hero can perform these tasks with the power of his mind. The role also allows the actor to kick some serious small-screen behind.

“I’ve been doing martial arts all my life, and I grew up with three brothers and James Bond. We all wanted to be James Bond and we played spy games our whole lives. So with this it was like, this is fun. It’s like Disneyland for dudes!” he recently told the folks over at the Los Angeles Times.

Marg Helgenberger tackles the role of Lillian Strand, the woman who heads up the top-secret government organization that employs Josh Holloway’s character. In addition to leading Gabriel on his many covert assignments, she also has to protect the guy from getting his brain hacked and infected by all sorts of unscrupulous bad guys.

Helgenberger told the New York Post that she enjoyed playing the boss in Intelligence. However, the role came with its own batch of difficulties and challenges.

“I have a fair amount of dialogue, and sometimes, it’s not the easiest stuff. There’s a lot of ‘spy speak’ and terminology and acronyms. I’m not bored on this show, not at all,” she said.

Although she was making $375,000 an episode on CSI, Marg Helgenberger was itching for a change of scenery. She said that there weren’t necessarily any problems with the cast and crew behind-the-scenes, though she did wish they’d matured her character just a bit.

“Certainly I adored the cast, crew and writers. It wasn’t that I was needing to get out of that situation. But creatively, I felt like I needed to switch it up. I didn’t think about going back into [another TV] series until later because I was really hoping to find a play,” the actress stated.

Fans of Josh Holloway and Marg Helgenberger can catch the first episode of Intelligence on CBS this Tuesday (January 7) at 9 pm. Are you looking forward to watching the Lost alum and the former CSI star in their new television series?