Steven Seagal May Run For Governor, Out For True Justice? [Video]

Steven Seagal for governor? In an interview with Phoenix ABC affiliate ABC 15, the cult action film and television star says he would possibly consider running for governor of Arizona.

As exciting as Steven Seagal, Governor, sounds, the seventh degree black belt actor and producer is much more interested in “Steven Seagal Lawman”. For two season, the reality TV show was featured on A&E and gained a huge following with viewers. The show featured Seagal as a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana.

“Steven Seagal Lawman” shows the real action hero side of the towering martial arts movie star. In the show, Seagal reveals how to profile potential perpetrators, narrates using his famous husky voice, and actually gets involved in arrests. How would you like to be cuffed by the star of “Under Siege”?

The show was dropped by A&E after the second season, even though they had begun to promote the third season. A&E, who has been front and center in the news recently over issues with their show “Duck Dynasty”, supposedly dropped Seagal’s successful show because of a controversial sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him.

Steven Seagal’s run for governor would most certainly be put in doubt by the suit, which was settled out of court. The sexual harassment suit was filed by a 23 year old former model from Los Angeles who claimed Seagal locked her in a Louisiana home as his sex slave. Seagal and his representatives have never commented on the situation, other than to say that the girl was a former employee who was “disgruntled”.

But “Steven Seagal Lawman” has since been revived by the Reelz. Reelz has also run another successful Seagal TV show called “True Justice”. Based on the success of the show written and produced by Seagal, Reelz was happy to run with the reality show. They bought the previously filmed third season of “Lawman”. The third season pairs up Seagal with Joe Arpaio, the colorful Maricopa County Sheriff who often makes headlines over his militaristic style and alleged racism.

If Steven Seagal’s run for governor were to be a reality, he would make border control the number one issue. But for now, he is happy to keep true justice by just being Steven Seagal, lawman.