Half-Naked Woman Leaps On Car, Caves In Windshield On I-5

A half-naked woman attacked a stalled car on a busy Interstate 5 in Oregon January 4 in a bizarre incident that police suspect could be drug-related — or it could just be a highly unorthodox outburst of road rage.

Cops said they found a controlled substance in the possession of Victoria Dawn Lohmann, 24, of Aumsville, Oregon, when they arrested her Saturday. She was hit with charges of criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, and recklessly endangering another person.

The latter charge carried two counts, one for each of the victimized vehicle’s passengers, both women, aged 53 and 61. The names of the victims were not released, but they were not reported to have suffered any injuries.

The two women were stopped near Milepost 228 on Interstate 5, near Albany, Oregon at about 4:35 pm, according to The Eugene Register Guard newspaper. The reason? Every motorists nightmare; they ran out of gas.

The women were sitting inside the vehicle making phone calls in an attempt to persuade a friend or family member to bring them enough gasoline to get going again when they spotted a woman wearing no shoes and acting strangely.

The woman approached their car and immediately pulled down her pants, exposing her private parts to the two shocked passengers.

The two stunned women must have thought that they had enough unpleasant experiences for one day when the half-naked woman ran off into the highway’s southbound lane, according to KPTV News. But there was more to come.

The partially naked woman turned around and came back to their car. This time, rather that simply flaunting her privates, the woman — identified as Lohmann by police — leaped onto the hood of their paralyzed automobile.

She then proceeded to violently jump up and down on the hood. But the two shocked passengers still hadn’t seen everything. According to police, Lohmann then jumped on the windshield, caving it in and shattering the glass with her bare feet.

At that point, Lohmann ran away across the highway and out of sight.

An Oregon state trooper soon pulled over to assist the two distressed women, not yet knowing the strange tale of the near-naked woman and her surreal rampage that they were about to tell him.

After hearing the tale, the trooper called for backup in the search for Lohmann. The cops located and arrested her a short time later.

The by now no-longer nearly naked woman was treated by paramedics from the Albany Fire Department for minor cuts to her feet as well as her hands and face, which police said she incurred from the broken glass of the windshield.