Lena Dunham Feuds With Shia LaBeouf On Twitter

Lena Dunham was so displeased with Shia LaBeouf for his plagiarizing of writer Daniel Clowes that she took to Twitter to speak her mind. The Girls star Tweeted on Saturday: "I've always felt, utterly and unchangeably, that only sociopaths hire skywriters."

The Tweet certainly got the attention of LaBeouf who re-tweeted Dunham's comment along with his response: "I don't mind creating debate with thoroughly considered artistic expressions but I don't want to offend with a tweet. Sorry world."

But LaBeouf didn't stop there, continuing: "I'm addicted to lean & that s--t ain't no joke. I can barely remember all the things I've done & said. However there's no excuse 4 skywriting."

By way of response to that comment, Lena Dunham said: "Vaguely recognized Shia LaBeouf's latest twitter apology and realized it was MINE! Touché, Louis Stevens. Projecting a lot of rage against my 7th grade boyfriend on LaBeouf. Think this is the start of something really productive #2014."

It has to be noted that Shia LaBeouf has been apologizing profusely for the best part of two weeks for plagiarizing Clowes, showing what seems to be some real regret. But LaBeouf didn't quite get away with the apologies and was even mocked by other celebs on Twitter.

Seth Rogen weighed-in with his comments on the matter when he quipped: "This is by far the most I've ever been entertained by Shia LaBeouf." Patton Oswalt from Young Adult went a stage further, and Tweeted LaBeouf directly, saying:

"If you're gonna be that dumb, delusional AND boring when you speak, just go ahead and plagiarize."
What so you think about the latest Hollywood feud to explode on Twitter between Lena Dunham and Shia LaBeouf? Obviously it was wrong of LaBeouf to plagiarize Daniel Clowes, but has he done enough by repeatedly apologizing to make things right? Share your thoughts on the matter in the feed below.