Gunman Opens Fire On Michigan Bus [Surveillance Video]

A gunman suddenly opened fire on another passenger on a Grand Rapids, Mich., bus in a New Year’s Eve incident that was captured on newly emerging surveillance video.

Details are still sketchy, but the incident occurred as the bus pulled over at a bus stop to let passengers out at about 8:30 pm. It’s not entirely clear, but it appears from the footage — which is from three different angles — that the gunman pulled the gun from his jacket pocket and may have tried to shoot the intended victim more than once before he fled the bus.

The video suggests that the gun malfunctioned and only fired one round. Fortunately, all indications are that he missed, and no one was harmed. The weapon in question is believed to be a.22 caliber pistol. Although the intended victim apparently wasn’t hit, someone on the audio is heard to say “dude, he just got shot.”

Reportedly the victim, the suspect, and some other men were just casually talking on the bus before one of the men pulled a gun as he was exiting. It also sounds like they were wishing each other a happy new year before the shooting occurred.

The victim is seen checking himself before he also disembarks from the bus. The bus driver, who called 911, is heard on the audio asking the victim if he was shot.

According to a police official, “… no one has complained of being shot nor reported to any hospital since the incident. Shell casings were recovered on the bus, and it remains unclear what sparked the shooting… About 10 people were on the bus at the time but disembarked safely soon after the shooting.” The incident is under investigation. Neither man has been identified as yet.

In a recent incident on a Seattle bus that was also caught on surveillance video, passengers managed to overpower an armed robber and hold him until police arrived.

[thumbnail image credit: Niels Noordhoek]