January 5, 2014
PS4 Blu Ray Problems Arise, Gamers Turning To PlayStation 3 For Movies

Some PS4 Blu Ray problems have come up for gamers recently, and it's driven them to use their PlayStation 3 to play Blu Ray movies.

Both of the next gen consoles have faced their share of problems since launching in November of 2013. Despite this, the PlayStation 4 has proven to be the console of choice for those who insist on upgrading. Microsoft's DRM policies, lower resolution display, faulty Blu Ray drives, and glitchy UI have given the Xbox One a bad name, literally (Xbone), and Sony came out the clear winner.

Sony and Microsoft are now working on getting the glitches out because neither turned out perfect. Even though both are boasting Blu Ray capabilities, it seems Sony's new console isn't immune to player issues either.

Some gamers are taking to Twitter and showing that some of the more recent releases won't work on the PS4 Blu Ray drive, or barely work at all. This is causing a migration back to the PlayStation 3, which has shown to be a much more reliable console for playing said discs.

Could it be that the Xbox One and PS4 were released too soon? Both consoles are showing signs that their manufacturers should have taken more time and put more effort into making them worthy of being next gen consoles. Now both of their predecessors are being preferred due to basic functionality, and those who waited it out are probably standing back and saying "I told you so."

Some of the tweets about the PS4 Blu Ray problems included:

"@yosp will the Blu-ray player in PS4 get a patch soon? I'm having terrible playback on certain titles. The same discs play perfectly in PS3."

"@AskPlayStation my [Fast and Furious 6] Blu-ray is not reading on ps4. And the disc is new all I c is black screen."

"PS4 keeps freezing when watching THE BRAND NEW DISC I BOUGHT of Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-Ray....googled it. Apparently a widespread thing."

"Playing blu ray movies on the PS4 for me is horrible because of the loading wait time. So much faster on the PS3. I don't know why."

It seems the next generation consoles are less impressive than we were led to believe. It was even suggested on a tech news source that if you want a good Blu Ray player, the best deal is the PlayStation 3. Even with the PS4 out now, it appears the results haven't changed.

With the PS4 Blu Ray problems, it seems you're doing better dusting off your PlayStation 3 because it works better.