Natasha Leggero Responds To Pearl Harbor Joke Controversy On Tumblr

Natasha Leggero may have sparked controversy for her recent joke about SpaghettiOs and World War II veterans, but she clearly isn’t sorry about it.

The fiasco started during the broadcast of New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly. While discussing the insanely questionable tweet issued by SpaghettiOs about Pearl Harbor, Leggero said something that clearly worked the nerves of countless individuals.

“It sucks that the only survivors of Pearl Harbor are being mocked by the only food they can still chew,” she told Carson Daly. Not surprisingly, internet backlash promptly ensued.

Once Natasha Leggero realized that she’d effectively ticked off a very large section of the population, she decided to address the situation on Tumblr. However, the Ugly Americans star wasn’t ready to apologize for the remark because she’s not exactly sorry.

She explained:

“I’m not sorry. I don’t think the amazing courage of American veterans and specifically those who survived Pearl Harbor is in any way diminished by a comedian making a joke about dentures on television. Do we really believe that the people who fought and defended our freedom against Nazis and the Axis powers will find a joke about Spaghetti O’s too much to bear? Sorry, I have more respect for Veterans than to think their honor can be impugned by a glamorous, charming comedian in a fur hat.”

Leggero added:

“I’m thrilled to see how passionate (death threats against a five foot tall woman are always the height of passion!) people are about our country and our Veterans. I am too. My own father lost his hearing in the Vietnam War so the issue is pretty close to me too… To those looking for an active way to address the above problems, do what I’ve decided to do instead of apologize: Make a donation to the Disabled American Veterans foundation.”

The comedienne explained that people should get enraged about how the United States military treats its soldiers instead of wasting their energy complaining about her jokes. According to Leggero, people should focus on things like post-traumatic stress disorder, brain injury, and suicide among veterans instead of comedians making tasteless jokes.

However, it’s clear that some people are still a little irritated with Natasha.

This guy has the best response thus far.

We are all forgetting something very important. That joke that Natasha Leggero told wasn’t even funny to begin with.

— Smooth Adaminal (@StudebakerHoch_) January 5, 2014

Were you offended by Natasha Leggero’s Pearl Harbor joke?